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Do you need a PHP developer in Kansas City? IDP can help! We have full time PHP developers on staff at our office in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. IDP has been building PHP web applications since 2003.

A PHP web application is a web site that uses front end programming to interact with a back-end database to store and retrieve information. PHP Web applications are created to develop custom web applications, social networking web sites, subscription based web sites, advanced content management solutions, lead management applications, product management applications and other advanced functionality for web sites. Our PHP solutions utilize Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) to quickly build out your application. We use our in house framework to quickly piece together required functionality for your custom web application.

WordPress Web Application Development

WordPress runs on PHP programming. Our PHP web developers can add custom programming to your WordPress site. We do not recommend custom programming core WordPress files or plugins. We can add custom PHP code as short codes on your WordPress pages. That way you can accomplish your goals but still install WordPress updates to the latest version of the software without breaking your website.

IDP can program additional functionality to your existing web site or build a new web site with advanced programming and functionality. We specialize in PHP programming, ASP .Net programming, JQuery programming, JavaScript programming, AJAX programming and MySQL databases. IDP has developed a large number of custom web applications for our clients. We have built custom CRM systems, custom web applications, custom e-commerce systems, custom submit forms and many others. IDP also specializes in a turn-key microsite lead management system that allows you to capture leads online, store the leads in a database and access the lead information online. If you are interested in more information about our advanced web programming solutions, please call 816-808-6846 or email info@goidp.com.

Example PHP Web Applications

There are many advantages by building your application on a PHP Web Based Framework. The possibilities for access, and the type of applications you can create are endless. Here are some examples:

  • PHP Online Appointment Scheduling
  • PHP E-Commerce Applications
  • PHP Custom Submit Forms
  • PHP Company Product Databases
  • PHP Customer Service Applications
  • PHP Tracking Applications
  • PHP Lead Management Systems
  • PHP Shipping / UPS / Fedex Integration
  • PHP Merchant Account Integration
  • PHP Automation of Tasks
  • PHP Product Management
  • API Integration

Custom PHP Admin Pages to View Data

IDP develops password protected admin pages for our customers in order to display and manipulate their web site data. The admin data can be loaded into data tables. The admin pages can be built in WordPress or standalone. The admin pages can be used to view data sorted in databases for the website. JQuery data-tables can load all of the data into a user friendly table view with clickable column headers, filters and search functionality. For example, all website leads could be stored in a custom database table and then a custom admin page can be built to view the leads in the table in a user friendly Excel table type interface. The data view grid can also be exported as a CSV file for download.

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