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Your web hosting and email hosting provider is only as good as its backup and disaster recovery. Over the last 15 years we have experienced about every emergency server data hosting issue you can think of. We have also used many different backup strategies and software packages. In 2011, we invested significant resources and time to redo our entire backup system and disaster recovery plan. We partnered with R1Soft.com and deployed the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Enterprise Backup software. Our normal basic web hosting includes backups of each website nightly. We keep 10 days of backups for each website. We can easily restore your entire website or restore individual files at no charge to you. Backups are included with web hosting and they are full service backups. The client does not have to set them up or do anything, we do all of the work for you.

Continuous Data Protection® Enterprise Edition

IDP has deployed CDP agents on all of its web servers. CDP provides high performance disk to disk backup service for physical and virtual servers, Microsoft and Linux operating systems. R1Soft is especially known for its Linux server backup solution and Linux expertise. CDP provides us a web based data safe® repository of server restore points. Continuous Data Protection® is the name of R1Soft’s proprietary high-performance backup method.

MySQL Database Enterprise Backup Protection

The MySQL CDP add-on backups MySQL databases online with minimal disk I/O load and impact using R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection for MySQL. No interruption takes place during MySQL backup. When it comes to backups MySQL databases require special handling. There are a variety of MySQL backup methods available and they all work differently. The R1Soft CDP for MySQL Add-on integrates Continuous Data Protection with an online hot backup (snapshot) of MySQL databases to provide fast, efficient and safe MySQL backups. Both MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines require that tables be locked and flushed before a backup operation can take place. The R1Soft MySQL Add-on ensures that this happens and carefully coordinates it with the point-in-time file system snapshot.

Linux – MySQL Snapshots are performed by coordinating a brief (usually less than 1 second) MySQL LOCK AND FLUSH with the CDP Linux snapshot device driver. If you use CDP to backup MySQL and don’t use the R1Soft MySQL Add-on then the table lock and flush operation won’t take place – with the result that your MySQL backup will likely be corrupt.

Disaster Recovery

R1Soft CDP 3.0 provides both regular file restores as well as a true block-level bare-metal restore capability. In the event of server hardware failure or operating system failure the entire web server would need to be restored before your web site would be back online. CDP Agent’s are installed into each VMWare Virtual Machine you are protecting as well as physical machines. VMWare Virtual Machines can be restored using a bare-metal restore method by booting the virtual machine from an ISO or PXE Network boot image. This is the fastest method of restore bypassing the VMs file system to stream blocks directly to the virtual disk. Physical machines are restored in a similar way. CDP completely restores the file system and allocated blocks. This is best when restoring all or most of a disk’s (file system’s) files. This is typically Much Faster than file-by-file restore for large numbers of files, which decreases our disaster recovery time. CDP reduces the steps for Server Disaster Recovery.

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