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IDP recently completed a web re-design project and mobile site for Major Saver.  Major Saver has been a long time client at IDP.  We have hosted the web site for 5 years and 2 years ago we added e-commerce to the site to allow users to buy Major Saver Cards Online.  We are honored that Major Saver came back to us for the re-design project and we are very happy with how the project turned out.  Major Saver is an excellent foundation fundraising organization and it has been a pleasure to work with them.

The web re-design project included graphic design work, web development work, custom programming, mobile website development and database work.  The home page has a new content rotator featuring call to action testimonials.  The web site has a clean new design and attractive layout.  The shopping cart pages were re-built and new Major Saver cards added to database.  All of the content was updated and new pages were added.

Major Saver wanted to make it as easy as possible to purchase Major Saver cards on mobile devices.  So we built a separate custom mobile site with phone friendly e-commerce checkout structure.  There is also a mobile version of the staff page in order to easily contact staff on mobile devices.

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