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IDP has launched a Website Development project for Wheatbelt recently. Wheatbelt is a Kansas City company located near the airport. Wheatbelt is a Stockholder-Owned Distributor, which works primarily with drop ship programs direct to the retailer. Wheatbelt provides these programs at the most competitive pricing available. The combined purchasing strength of the numerous Wheatbelt members provides access to low prices. The Wheatbelt website development is a membership website. Wheatbelt members login to the website in order to access show sheets, price sheets and vendor information. Marketing information is available on the website but the main purpose of the site is a membership web application program. We also created a brand new website graphic design for the site.

Website development project for Wheatbelt

Website Development Project Details

The client had an existing website that was really old and built entirely with custom programming.  The custom PHP programming was all deprecated code. The web application had to be hosted on a server running an older version of PHP so that it would still function. Our job was to re-build the website application on a new system and make it better. The website development project is a combination of WordPress CMS and custom PHP programming. We decided to use WordPress to handle the user database, user login and content management for web pages. Then we integrated custom PHP programming to build the pages that pull in the custom data.  There are a lot of pages that retrieve long lists of files for the member to view or download. The data is loaded into data tables that are filterable. Wheatbelt members can search, sort and filter results in order to locate the files and information that they are looking for.

Website Data Import

A lot of these website development projects require complex data imports. Most companies today already have websites with lots of data existing on their website. Normally all of the data needs to be imported into the new website as well. A website data import on a project like this is very common and we have gotten pretty good at imported data. For this website project we had to import all of the user data, vendor data, vendor files and show sheets. The member passwords could not be imported so we established new passwords for each member when the website was launched.

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