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IDP has been in the web design business since 2003. We are old timers in the web design world! Over the years we have worked with many different content management systems.  We have developed websites using Joomla, Umbraco, Drupal, ModX, Magento, WordPress, custom CMS, custom PHP and custom ASP .Net. 3 years ago we switched to focus on WordPress web design only and it has really benefited our web design company. We have cranked out some of our best work during the last 3 years. WordPress web design is pretty easy to develop with and customers like the CMS user interface.  Here are the main reasons we feel WordPress web design is best.

  1.  Security – When setup properly, updated and monitored WordPress is extremely secure.  More secure than other CMS software solutions out there.  We have been providing web hosting for the last 15 years and have a lot of experience with websites getting hacked and securing websites.  Hardening the site, running a good security plugin and keeping the software up to date is about all you have to do to keep WordPress secure.  If you need some tips for WordPress security refer to our article on WordPress hardening and security procedures that we follow with our managed WordPress hosting option.
  2. Software Updates – WordPress is the easiest CMS program I have ever seen to run software updates.  If you build the WordPress site properly, you can easily update the WordPress software and all of the WordPress plugins on the site with very little risk of anything breaking on the site. This is a major bonus.  In the old days we had to rebuild many websites to get them up to date with the latest software.  It was easier to rebuild the website than follow the upgrade path and fix all of the modules.  All CMS programs have gotten better with the software updates but WordPress was the first to make it really easy and in my opinion is the best.  WordPress software updates come out continuously.  We often update our WordPress sites with software updates 1-2 times per month.
  3. Plugins – There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress.  Free and paid plugins.  The plugins are super simple to install and keep up to date. You can normally get support from developers. It is easy to shop for plugins by looking at the ratings, reviews and recent plugin update history. We highly recommend picking out your core plugins that you use on every site and stick to that family of plugins.  Less is more as far as plugins go.  Customers save a lot of money in development costs because of the huge library of WordPress plugins.
  4. SEO – WordPress is very search engine friendly out of the box.  If you set it up properly and develop it to be SEO friendly then you end up with a website that performs well in search.  Content is king of course in search.  Clients can easily add their own blog posts and pages. WordPress is good for SEO because clients can add their own content easily.  SEO plugins like Yoast really help as well.
  5. Strength in Numbers – How can this many people be wrong? The numbers are amazing. 50-60% market share of all CMS websites running in the world today. 14% of the top 100 websites in the world running on WordPress. Check out the WordPress statistics.  The community of users is so large that it drives the plugin development and the software updates.  Is WordPress a huge target for hackers because of the popularity?  Absolutely! We see tons of hacker activity trying to locate WordPress sites and then penetrate WordPress sites. But would you choose an inferior CMS software product just because it is under the radar and not a big target? No I hope not! A properly protected WordPress site can withstand the attack of hackers around the world.  I would choose the best software and then take the time to secure it.


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