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This is a pretty easy tutorial. WooCommerce Coupons are pretty easy to manage. It is default WooCommerce functionality no plugin required. We get lots of questions from our WordPress WooCommerce customers. We like to document how we answer those questions and then provide some WordPress tips on our web site. So here goes!

Login to the WordPress admin dashboard

Go to WooCommerce < Coupons

In the search box top right search for the coupon you are looking for.  For Example:


WooCommerce Coupon Delete Screenshot

Hover over the Coupon text and you will see a Trash link appear.  Click on the Trash link and it will put the coupon in the Trash.

Once the coupon is in the Trash it cannot be used. You can empty the trash anytime.

Why Delete a Coupon?

In this scenario, one of our WordPress WooCommerce coupons customers’ has a physical store. Customers can purchase a coupon online and then bring it into the store to use for an in store purchase. After they use the coupon in person, the WooCommerce coupon needs to be deleted so that it cannot be used again. The easiest thing to do is delete the coupon.

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