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Did you get the WordPress 4.7.1 update email this morning?  It is hard to keep up.  WordPress is amazing web software with a huge community of developers and plugins.  With all of that great software comes a lot of software updates.  WordPress software updates come out continuously and it is a big job keeping your WordPress site running on the latest software and security.

IDP offers FULL SERVICE WORDPRESS HOSTING for $300 per year.  What is full service WordPress Hosting?  It means we take care of your WordPress site for you.  You can concentrate on running your business and let the professionals take over managing your WordPress site.  As WordPress updates become available we update the website for you and make sure the updates were applied correctly.  We update the software and the plugins and keep them up to date.  It is very important to keep your WordPress site up to date for security and performance.  Part of the update process is to check the security and vulnerability of your website periodically.  Another part of the update process is speed optimization and to make sure the WordPress site is setup for the best speed performance.  Here is a list of what is included with full service WordPress hosting.

Full Service WordPress Hosting Plan

  • Includes web hosting fees to host the WordPress website
  • Fast WordPress hosting servers which connect to separate database servers, not localhost database
  • Nightly backups of WordPress site automatically taken and 10 days of backups kept
  • Offsite backups of WordPress site taken nightly
  • Update WordPress software and plugins as new updates become available.
  • Disaster recovery – Restore WordPress site from backup in case of emergency
  • Malware removal – If your WordPress site gets infected with Malware we will clean it and fix it as part of your web hosting
  • Sucuri Security protection – Install and configure Sucuri plugin and Hardening of WP for optimal security protection
  • W3TC Speed Plugin – Install and configure WP Speed Optimization plugin to keep your WordPress site running as fast as possible

Managed WordPress Hosting

Fully Managed WordPress hosting available for $300 per year.  Host it with us and forget it.  Fully managed WordPress updates, security, backups, disaster recovery, malware monitoring and malware removal. Click below to purchase.

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Contact IDP today if you would like to take advantage of our WordPress full service hosting plan.

Website Security Service from Sucuri

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