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The much anticipated WordPress 5.0 Release is upon us.  As of December 6th, 2018 the new WordPress 5.0 software is available for download. IDP is recommending at this time to NOT install the WordPress 5.0 release until January. This is a busy time of year and it is not a good time to break your website. It is best to let the dust settle on this release and see how things go.  The release was rather sudden.  We have been expecting the Gutenberg block editor release for a long time but the date and news of the release did not happen until last week.  Everything in this release will still be there in January and this update is not a WordPress security release so there is no rush on this one.  There are already multiple patches being worked on for 5.0 so the update will probably be more stable in January.

Can your Website Work on WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg?

WordPress 5.0 includes Gutenberg which changes the way the CMS editor works.  The WYSIWYG editor has been completely re-done to make it easier for clients to edit web page content. It is a new block based editing environment that in the long run will be good for WordPress. In the short term there could be a lot of issue.  Many of the WordPress plugins that you currently have installed on your WordPress site may not work yet with the new version.  Also your WordPress theme may be broken it remains to be seen what will happen to your WordPress site when it is installed. With the new release clients will be forced to choose whether they want to re-build their theme or run on the old editor.

Recommended WordPress 5.0 Upgrade Process

  1. Install the WordPress 5.0 Software and Test your site to see how it responds.  Check the Themes and layout.  Check your plugins.  Be prepared to Roll back your site and make sure you have a good backup.  The point here is to see if you can run your WordPress site on the new software and take advantage of the new functionality of the Block Editor
  2. If your WordPress Theme is not functioning properly you can install the Classic Editor plugin. The Classic Editor is an official WordPress plugin and will be maintained and supported until 2022. The classic editor allows you to run WordPress 5.0 but use the old editor and not update to the new Gutenberg Block Editor.
  3. If you have to run your site on the Classic Editor then you will need to start planning for developing a new WordPress theme or installing a new theme. Contact IDP and we will provide an estimate for the scope of work to re-build the theme.

Managed WordPress Hosting Customers at IDP

At IDP we offer fully managed WordPress hosting plans. The managed WordPress hosting plan includes WordPress automated backups, disaster recovery, backup restore, WordPress updates, security, malware removal and detection and web hosting.  Managed WordPress hosting does not include re-building your theme if it does not work with Gutenberg.  IDP will install the WordPress 5.0 release and install the classic editor for you at no additional cost.  However, if your WordPress theme or site needs to be re-built because of the new Gutenberg release that will be billable web development work. We are happy to scope out the work and provide an estimate.

Wordpress 5.0 release

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