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The WordPress 5.0 release in December of 2018 was a major release and introduced the new Block Editor to WordPress users. At the time we were very concerned that WordPress 5.0 would break a lot of our client websites. Specifically we thought we would have a lot of issues with old WordPress themes. The reality is we actually had very few issues and we really like the new WordPress 5.0 block editor!

As of February 22, 2019 WordPress 5.1 Released. WordPress 5.1 is another Major Release. WordPress has stated that there are going to be 3 major releases that will fundamentally change how WordPress works. I am assuming this is release number 2 out of 3. The 5.1 release focuses on Polish and Performance. The goal of the 5.1 release is a better, faster and more secure WordPress.

  • WP 5.1 Site Health Feature – Notifications about PHP Version – The newer the PHP version the faster WP will perform
  • WP 5.1 Editor Performance Feature – Includes performance improvements for the new block editor
  • WP 5.1 Developer Happiness – New improvements for WordPress developers

Speed Kills – WordPress 5.1 is Faster?

WordPress 5.1 Released Picture of web servers

At IDP we do a lot of Kansas City Web Hosting and Search Engine Optimization. The biggest trend in SEO in 2018 and 2019 is website speed and mobile friendliness. Speed and mobile friendly are considered two of the top ranking factors for Search Engine Optimization today. Is the new WordPress 5.1 release faster! I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out! If you have scanned your WordPress website on  then you have seen how badly you can get dinged for a ton of separate JS calls to resources. These separate JS files caused by WordPress and Plugins cannot be combined into one JS file as GTMetrix will tell you to do. The new WP 5.1 states that there have been a lot of improvements to the Javascript organization and speed. We are hoping this will help our web developers make more speed improvements to our WordPress web design projects.

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