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Over the weekend 100,000 plus WordPress sites were infected with what is being called SoakSoak because of the domain users are being directed to.  Google has blacklisted over 11,000 domains so far.

You can learn more about the specifics of the vulnerability and how to clean your WordPress site here.

Unfortunately, we have seen this type of thing before at IDP.  We have been developing and hosting web sites for 12 years.  Malware and code injection is very common and no site is “bulletproof” from an attack.  At IDP we commonly see infected WordPress and Joomla sites that need to be cleaned and secured.  If you need help cleaning your web site from Malware and code injection please contact us to request Malware removal.  One of the nice things about working with a small local web design and web hosting company is that you can get assistance when something like this happens.  Big hosting companies like GoDaddy will just shut down your web site and tell you to clean it. But most business owners do not have the time or expertise to clean their business web site.

Our WordPress hosted web sites are in good shape for this attack.  2-3 months ago some of our web sites were infected with another malware injection and we decided to install Sucuri WordPress plugin to prevent future issues.  We logged into every WordPress site that we host and we installed the plugin at no charge to our customers.  Then we applied the Sucuri WordPress Hardening steps to harden the site again injection.  It took us several days to go thru every WordPress site we host and apply these security measures.

Web Site Blacklist Repair

Has your web site been blacklisted by Google and other search engines?  Unfortunately, if your web site has been infected with Malware and you do not clean it quickly, it will be blacklisted.  After your web site is blacklisted you need to clean it, secure it, scan it and submit it to be removed from blacklists.  We can help you with this blacklist removal process.  We recommend setting up a Google Webmaster account. There are a lot of SEO benefits to setting up a Google Webmaster account.  But there are also a lot of blacklist tools that will help you locate the malware, remove the malware and submit a ticket to request removal from a Google blacklist.  If you need help with malware removal or blacklist repair please contact Kansas City Web Design and Web Hosting Company IDP for assistance.

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site

Managed WordPress Hosting

Fully Managed WordPress hosting available for $300 per year.  Host it with us and forget it.  Fully managed WordPress updates, security, backups, disaster recovery, malware monitoring and malware removal. Click below to purchase.

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