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Over the last few years we have had this issue popup on WordPress sites.  It does not happen very often, but on a few WordPress installations after doing a WordPress software update the text editor does not work anymore.  Very strange issue.  When you login to WordPress and go to open or edit a post or a page the CMS page loads but the text editor where you type your content is not working.  You can see the box where the text editor lives but when you type in the box nothing shows up.  You can click on the Visual tab or the Text tab but still cannot type any text into the text.

You may also notice the WYSIWYG editor does not load (normally this is TinyMCE plugin).  The visual editor is not loading or working properly.   You may also notice White text or invisible text inside the editor.  Click and drag and highlight the area inside the visual editor and you will see the text is there but it is white, so looks like it is gone.

There are a lot of posts out there if you Google this issue.  You see the standard “deactivate all of your plugins and re-test answers”.  I hate it when people tell me to deactivate all of my WordPress plugins.  I know it is the correct thing to do but in this case of the visual editor not working and white text it is not going to solve the problem.

How to Solve the Problem

In all instances when this issue has occurred we have solved this issue by adding this one line of code to the wp-config.php file:

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

If this does not solve the problem there are a lot of other things you can do.  WP Beginner has a good article on how to fix this issue.

There are a lot of posts about this issue if you want to wade thru them all.  If you are using Visual Studio it could be a totally separate issue.  Good luck!

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