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IDP recently launched a new WordPress web design project for Allegra Learning.  Allegra Learning provides nursing and healthcare professionals CE credits online.  This was a website re-design project.  The client already had a web site that was working OK for selling and providing online learning but it was getting very dated and it was not responsive.  The previous web development projects was built custom.  The new site we converted into a WordPress website.  The project included graphic design, web page mockups, home page slider, responsive development, custom programming, web development, WordPress development, CE Broker integration and E-Commerce.  Check out the new site at

wordpress web design project

The biggest component of this project was the learning management software (LMS).  The LMS system provides the functionality for students to enroll in courses, take lessons and complete exams among other things.  For this project we used the LearnDash LMS system.  LearnDash is a WordPress paid plugin module that includes all of the standard LMS functionality.  IDP was responsible for installing the plugin, configuring and customizing the skin and templates, setting up the curriculum and completion certificates.  Our developers ended up doing a lot of custom programming on this project.  There were some things that the LMS software solution did not do that we needed to add some custom programming to solve.

The biggest challenge of this project was taking the existing website database from the old system and merging it with the new WordPress LearnDash software system.  The client already had a large e-commerce online LMS system with students, courses, course history, certificates and affiliates.  All of the old data had to be imported and merged with the new LMS system.  The student user accounts we were able to write a custom script to import into WordPress and they became WordPress / LearnDash users in the new system.  The old course data and completed certificates data we had to get creative and do some problem solving.  Data migration from an old site to a new site is often the most challenging and overlooked piece of a web project like this.

The e-commerce component of this project utilizes easy digital downloads.  The affiliates portion of the project utilizes wp affiliates.  LearnDash LMS system works very well with both of these plugins.

We were able to build the project in a way that all of the WordPress updates, LearnDash updates and other plugin updates can all be applied normally without breaking the site.  There was a lot of custom programming that had to be completed to make this project successful.  It is very important to build a site like this in such a way that WordPress software updates and plugin updates can be successfully installed.


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